Every single item undergoes professional selection, authentication, restoration, evaluation, packaging, and other processes.

  1. Selection – Our buyer source out vintage items from fashion brands and established designers around the globe. We aim to select the most high-quality, timeless, and valuable items.

  2. Authentication – We partner with identification professionals to go through the rigorous, brand-specific authentication process. Our team identify the authenticity of the products based on the details, serial number, identity cards, etc. 

  3. Restoration – We have a trained and experienced Restoring and Repairing Team dedicated to cleaning up all stains, cracks and defects without destroying the product itself; 

  4. Evaluation – We evaluate and price each item based on its condition, rarity and investment value.

  5. Packaging – We package each item with love and care! The suede dust bag is good for storage and will help your loved item last longer.

We hope you will find your favourite items at Aimee Vintage and that will be the biggest compliment for the product to have an afterlife.