Aimee Vintage is a boutique vintage store that provides consumers with an unparalleled experience of shopping iconic fashion of the past. Our buyers collect pre-loved, high-quality, luxurious bags, and accessories from all around the world. Every piece is authenticated, repaired (if necessary), and reconditioned before they are resold. 


Established in Columbus, Ohio in 2020, Aimee Vintage is a team of people who are passionate about pre-loved, luxury fashion. We believe shopping secondhand is not only a fashionable lifestyle but also an environment-friendly one. We commit to providing a platform for shoppers to consume sustainably. 


Our buyers travel all over the world to collect bags, clothing, and accessories that are fashionable, high quality, and long-lasting. Even during this special period, we still keep in touch with private sellers around the world. Striving to achieve the best quality, each of our products has undergone rigorous review and care by our professional team. 


Knowing many of our products are investment pieces with great investment values, we price each item cautiously and provide a comprehensive description including the brand, design philosophy. We aim for every customer to make an informed decision before they shop with us and know as many details of the products as we do. 


Coco Chanel, the queen of both fashion and style, said, "Fashion changes, but style endures." Fashion always changes, but we focus on the craftsmanship and design that deserve an extended life cycle. We only sell pieces that we would enjoy wearing ourselves. We hope you will find products that fit or complete your style here at Aimee Vintage. 

Authenticity Guarantee


We know that online shopping can give you a sense of anxiety. Knowing our customers’ concerns, we provide a 100% guarantee of authenticity on everything we sell. The items we list on the shelves are authentic products that have been appraised by our professional team. We are also consumers, so we can understand your concerns. We appreciate honesty as much as you do. By all means, we combat counterfeit and shoddy products ourselves. In order to protect your investments and allow you to shop online with confidence, you can contact our Customer Service for any doubt about authenticity. We have our customer’s best interests at heart.